Thursday, May 22, 2014

It shouldn't hurt to be a Mother


It shouldn't hurt to be a Mother.

Raising a child with difficult behaviors can be more than can actually be painful. It can hurt just getting out of bed in the morning. The day in and day out of being with a child who rejects you, defies you, and disrespects you can put you in a place of even questioning your decision to become a mother. This level of stress leaves you tired, angry, frustrated, physically sick, resentful, sad, tearful, and/or hopeless.

But who really "gets" what it is like for you?

If you're like most mothers raising a child with difficult behaviors, the answer to this question is probably "Nobody." Zilch. Zippo. No one, not even your best friend.

If you're like I was, you've actually tried to reach out for support, only to find people who either minimize your struggles or even blame you for them. Then, of course, there are the ones who give you all the advice on how they would handle things differently and how they would just "lay down the law." You know this won't work and most importantly, you don't feel heard or understood.

Not having someone truly "get" you is one of the loneliest places to be. You originally set out on your parenting journey to connect, to love, and to make a difference in a child's life, only to find yourself at your brink---at your screaming edge, unsure if you even want to be a mother anymore, much less get up out of bed to face it all over again for the day.

It's your turn!

Yes, you. No need to look around your shoulder as if I'm speaking to someone different. You're the one and it is finally your turn!

I know you have been working to love your children and to make it all work, but an essential piece has been for yourself. You cannot give what you don't have.

I've been there with you.

Several years ago, I knew I had to make a change in me or else serious damage was going to happen. My life had not turned out to be a happy story on Main Street; it was a nightmare on Elm Street. The challenges I faced as a mother came about not only from raising children with traumatic histories, but from the void of my own sense of internal calm, peace, and self-love.

I wanted out. I wanted it all to end.

Yet, from the depths of my soul and deep within a space tucked within the caverns of my heart, I knew there had to be a happy way out. This sense of "life can be okay" was still barely alive but it was screaming in a voice so loud I could no longer ignore it, even amongst the chaos engulfing me within my own home.

Hence, my quest to find my way out of the stress and chaos and return back to love began...

I did it and I can help you find it, too.

My "Every Day is Mother's Day" conference has been created to help you return back to happiness, love, and peace. It is designed to give you the beeline to making this happen for you. I've done the research. I've done all the trial testing. I'm streamlined the process to perfection.

And now I want you to have a process to clear the emotional pain, find happiness, and reclaim love back into your life! I want to support you through your process and give you the "how" to make it a reality in your life!
I want you to be happy and to get yourself back!

As mothers, we are often asked to give more to our families and to our children than what we have within ourselves. It often feels impossible to stop to take care of ourselves because if we stop then we fear our families will not only fall apart, but utterly collapse. We hold on by a mere thread yet at the same time we desperately want so much more---we want happiness, joy, and peace.

Due to the great needs of your family, economics, and other logistical issues, you may not be able to come to me. So, I'm coming to you through the Internet to make this happen. 

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